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Dunsforth Village Meeting, Dunesforde Vineyard 3 Nov 6.30pm

» Posted in Village Meeting on Tue 26th Oct, 2021


The next village meeting is going to be on 3rd Nov at 630pm and will be in a different venue to normal at Dunesforde vineyard.  The two main topics are the approval of the parish precept and a proposal from Stonefield Developments (landlords and developers of the Hideaway Kitchen) regarding the Dyson garage which it is proposed could be alternative communal space to the existing pub.  Martyn Greenwood has been invited to present this proposal to the village meeting and the initial letter outlining his proposal is attached for consideration beforehand.  We have sought professional advice on what would be required to convert the garages to a usable space and can share that when we meet, but on the basis of that advice the committee believes it does not offer the villages a viable space and would come at a significant cost.  That said, there will be ample time for questions and we can collectively come to a settled conclusion.
I expect significant discussion on both these points so it could be a long meeting.  As such you will be pleased to know refreshments will be available from Dunesforde bar!


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